Thawte SSL Certificate

Thawte SSL Certificate

Thawte ssl certificate has recently been securing business for more than 20 years.
With customers accorss all business segment, The Thawte brand is one of the most trusted and recognised ssl certificate brand on the market.

Thawte certificate caters to small to medium sized organisation by providing the right security level for it customer’s business needs.

Thawte offers are different type of SSL certificate based on their authentication model:

The Domain validated SSL also know as the SSL123 certificate are validated based on the domain ownership and a CA predetermine email address, this is the low end certificate for a business that requires basic encryption with no company validation

The organisation validated also know as the Webserver certificate are validated based on the domain ownership, company registration and contact authority.

The extended validation is the higher authentication certificate that doesn’t only validate the domain, company registration and contact this certificate will also confirm the your physical place of business. This cert will include your company name is the address bar to provide the highest level of authentication

Product Feature

  • FreeĀ unlimited licensing
  • Most certificates issued in 1-3 days
  • 1.5M USD warranty.
  • Up to 256 bits encryption
  • Add up to 250 additional domain names
  • Wildcard SSL